Good Girls on Bad Drugs

Addiction Nonfiction of the Unhappy Hookers

by M M Braunstein



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Table of Contents



These are true stories about sex and drugs, namely some guys’ lust for sex and some gals’ love of drugs. So these are modern love stories.




01 – MARIE A Shadowy Figure Afoot Flashes “The Look”

Asked to tell you the story of her life, Marie related her woes as a crack addict and a sex worker, and then she thanked you for caring. You ask, “What makes you think I care?” Marie answers. 


02 – LINDA Mr Crack Introduces Ms Jane to Mr John   

Linda could have been crowned Miss Connecticut. But instead she clinched the title Miss Cocaine. Quote: “Streetwalking was easy to do because it wasn’t like having sex. It was more like cleaning toilets.”




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