Good Girls on Bad Drugs

Addiction Nonfiction of the Unhappy Hookers

by M M Braunstein




11 – NEW LONDON  A Whale of a Tale and a Tail of a Whale

The historic whaling port now serves as a playpen for forlorn sailors from the submarine base, as manhood training ground for the male cadets of the Coast Guard Academy, and as a street fair for street girls on street drugs.


12 – COPS & RUBBERS  The Streetwalkers’ Guide to the City

Cops first busted the streetwalkers to clear the playing field, then planted their own decoy to bust the johns. The next day, for those for whom prowling the streets for sex and drugs was normal, life returned to normal.


13 – HEATHER  The Serial Bank Bandit

Heather was on parole for bank robbery when she robbed six banks in six days in three New England states. Quote: “I was conceived on Halloween in a cemetery.”


14 – RENEE  A Connecticut Lawyer in Judge Arthur’s Court

A law school graduate, instead of a lawyer she became a sex worker and crack addict. Her and Michelle’s strangling deaths by a john went unsolved for 13 years. Quote: “Don’t romanticize my life. It’s just suck dick, smoke crack, suck dick, smoke crack.”


15 – TRISH  Off to See the Wizard of Poz

Among the few sex workers to have admitted she was HIV-poz. Quote: “The crack is killing me, but this virus in my body is going to kill me too. I’m just sick of this. Sick of waking up wanting to get high. Waking up hungry. Waking up lonely.”


16 – JESSICA  The Prodigal Mom

Escaped the streets by becoming a $300-an-hour internet escort. Relinquishing custody of her children, she told the court: “I have made many mistakes, but bringing these two children into this world is not one of them.”


17 – DARLENE  Escape to Never-Never Land

Darlene made three foiled forays into freedom from prison. But nary a foray into freedom from addiction. Quote: “I had a love affair with heroin, cheating on heroin with crack. This drug thing has been the hardest struggle of my life.” And still is.





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