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Good Girls on Bad Drugs

Addiction Nonfiction of the Unhappy Hookers

by M M Braunstein




03 – NORWICH and the Bad Bets on the Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun Casinos  

Norwich declined with the closure of its textile mills. Due to its proximity to Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun casinos, Norwich was briefly revitalized by their growth until they, too, declined.


04 – LADY LUCK  The Escorts’ Guide to the Casinos

The internet has siphoned both johns and streetwalkers off the streets, so S. provides a how-to guide to internet escorting. Quote: “Gamblers lose their money gambling, and addicts lose their money using.”


05 – THE THREE GRACES  Outcasts on Outcalls

Crystal (Charm) lost out as an escort at Foxwoods. Michelle (Beauty) trolled the gambling floors of Mohegan Sun. Nicole (Grace) won big as an escort at Foxwoods.


06 – DEVON  Casino Escort of Last Resort

No arrests for prostitution does not mean no prostitution. Quote: “The head security guard told me that if I ever showed up in Mohegan Sun again, I would be arrested for trespassing.” For trespassing, not prostitution.


07 – OLIVIA  The Baby Girl

Olivia, a 17-year-old internet escort, overdosed in a motel brothel. Her death exposed an escort ring that drew its clients from Her own ad was headlined “Baby Girl is here, young and beautiful.”


08 – KATRINA  Life as Hurricane   

Katrina was the best-dressed, most well-groomed, and most Barbiest of dolls to ply her trade. At 15, she ran away from a good home and into the clutches of bad drugs. Quote: “I have two weaknesses, boys and drugs.”


09 – HOPE  Topless Dancer in a Bottomless Pit

Sexually abused by three stepfathers and murdered by a john. Quote: “People think that I think that I’m better than them. Actually I’m worse than them because I am aware of who I am and yet I’m still doing this [smoking crack and selling sex].”


10 – LYNNE  The Crackhead Addicted to Sex Work

Two of her husbands were johns. Quote: “I was sent to reform school. There I met thieves, carjackers, addicts, gang members, hookers. No one appealed to me more than the hookers.”





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