Good Girls on Bad Drugs

Addiction Nonfiction of the Unhappy Hookers

by M M Braunstein




18 – WILD and ANTIC WILLIMANTIC  The Riddle of the Syringe

Heroin still stains the entire fabric of the community, though less now than when the city attracted statewide and then national media attention for its epidemic of heroin addiction and its long parade of streetwalkers.


19 – JOE the JOHN  And Now a Word from Our Sponsors

A quintessentially dirty old man, Joe long ago shed any shame for paying for sex. Sex for hire became the only sex he knew. Quote: “If she’s wearing cologne, leave her alone.”


20 – LIZ  Woman Who Runs with the Werewolves

Liz ripped off every john every chance she had. Then served 13 unlucky years in prison as an accessory to two murders. Quote: “I’m sick of everything, of the life, of the drugs, of sex, of people. I miss my family. I want love. I want my mommy.”


21 – JENNIFER  Beauty and the Beasts  

Nearly fatally stabbed, three weeks later Jennifer got back on heroin and back on the streets. Quote: “The streets have left their marks on me. … Girls on the streets are not just prostitutes, not just drug addicts. I’m a person too.”


22 – BONNIE  She Takes the High Road and He Takes the Low Road

Bonnie had the soul of a poet but the mind of an addict. Quote: “Before I was into drugs, I lived without any clue that there’s this underworld. Now it’s everywhere I go. I’m attracted to it, and it’s attracted to me.”   


23 – AMBROSIA  Walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Raped at age 3, at 14 she again was raped, became pregnant, yet kept the child. Heroin addict since 16. Quote: “I use coke and heroin as a way of blocking feelings. I don’t wanna feel. I don’t wanna think. I don’t wanna be alive.” 





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